Dog collar quilts and courting an unsuccessful life

I am trying to do more of what I like in life and less of what I don’t like. That’s why I’m making a quilt and have cancelled my participation in an international conference in March. Which is something I may write more in depth about at some point, because you see so many blogs about the Big Things people are doing, adding to their schedules, and progressing in, and very few about tossing out the to-do list, becoming less productive in the Big Things, and dedicating more time to activities that bring less (outward) success to life, like making a quilt that will serve no other purpose than covering a bed. And not feeling guilty about that.

materialWhy do I call it a dog collar quilt? Why, let me tell you. When I got my black lab, Manley, I became obsessed with making him innumerable fashion collars. These are some of the materials I bought for him. My favorites were the ladybug pattern, the Hawaiian, and the pink one with brown bees. I especially like Manley in pink.

I got so good at making collars that I even sold some ($10 each), but eventually I got bored of the endeavor. For several years all that material languished in my enormous crafts Tupperware in the closet, which also contained material from projects stretching all the way back to my preteen years. Then suddenly (literally suddenly) one day this January, I realized I would use it all up to make a quilt, which I would hand-sew in its entirety in the evenings whilst watching reruns of Julia Child cooking shows.

And so that’s what I did. Am doing, that is. I’ve cut out all the squares and am at the point of sewing them together into pairs, which I will then sew into blocks, etc. Expect updates.


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