I have that fall feeling

The other day I looked up at the sky and it was deep blue with precise cumulous clouds – the sky of fall. It had not rained for a few days, and my dog’s ball bounced high off the ground at the dog park. And even though the temperature was still summer high, I had that fall feeling.

I’m happy to have the fall feeling, because my air conditioner broke last week and I don’t want to spend the money to get it fixed. I’d rather buy a plane ticket to a dream-distant, exotic locale.

I’m happy to have the fall feeing because it means action. The time of waiting through long hot afternoons for something to happen – anything – is over. I can start making things happen. It’s coming on harvest time.

And sure enough, I am finding that as I begin to put effort into my life again, things are happening. I made a breakthrough on my dissertation. I took my dog to the park two days in a row and got to witness his happy-stupor face. My desire to write is returning. I bought brown rice instead of white.

I signed up for a newsletter from the website Brain Pickings, and this morning it arrived in my inbox. I read about how we – a collective cultural we – need to learn how to be alone, because it’s essential for living a full life. And I thought, well I haven’t spoken to another human being in nearly 48 hours and I could go another 48. I’ve got this alone thing down.

Then I felt happy because not only do I like being alone, I thrive on it, and according to the newsletter, solitude is essential for creative work. And I fill so many of my hours with creative work. Reading, thinking, writing. Also cooking. And sometimes I work on sewing squares together for a quilt.

Today is cool. It may only get to 86 degrees. (That’s cool down here!) I have the fall feeling and now a fall temperature to match.

Today is good.


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